Ball Ejection and capturE Robot Plays sOcial Networking Games (BEER PONG)

Robotics is a surging market which has already gained a lot of traction in manufacturing, medical/surgical equipments, agriculture, and many more. And such hype can also be felt in the Robotics Club as we have been consistently seeing more students joining the club with a very diverse profile of academic majors. However, we are met with three problems: 1) robotics is not highly visible in the WSU community, 2) we believe that diversity should not be limited with students in the STEM field alone, but be more inclusive to other majors as it allows fresh perspectives, and 3) with an influx of newcomers into the robotics field, it is paramount that we find a simple, fun, and interesting project that will not drive them away because of frustration and complexity of the project.

We are proposing to build a Beer Pong Robot. Beer pong is a well-known college drinking game where players throws a ping pong ball aiming it towards the cups placed at the opposing end of the table. Robotics Club believes that by building a Beer Pong Robot, we can generate a lot of interest from majors other than those that are engineering-related, as it is very relatable to a lot of college students. We take this project both as a challenge, and as an opportunity that will allow us to address two important points: 1) be able to promote, educate and increase the community’s interest in robotics, and 2) along the process, our members will gain useful skills, and experience planning and building a robot from scratch.

We want to make clear that no alcohol will be served at any Robotics Club affiliated meetings or events, and we do not endorse underage drinking. This robot will play an imitation of the beer pong game, but no alcohol will be present.


  • Build two(2) semi-autonomous beer pong robots with the following requirements:
    • Pong launcher
    • Pong swatter
  • Bootstrapping members knowledge in robotics by providing tutorials in the following topics:
    • Vision processing
    • Microcontroller Development
    • Version Control Software (Git)
    • 3D Modeling
    • 3D Printing
    • Autonomous Robotic Response