Robotic Arm

Working on the Robotic Arm team, we have learned a great deal about many elements of designing and building a robot.

We chose to use Herkulex intelligent servos with built-in microcontrollers for motor control. These motors presented some challenges in getting them to function that were eventually overcome by switching from an Arduino Uno to a Mega that could handle the serial communications requirements.

We learned how to use the Python programming language and OpenCV for computer vision. We also learned how to use PySerial to link the OpenCV programs to the Arduino to control a motor from the webcam of laptop.

We also learned that building a robot is an involved process that requires many different disciplines to be successful.

We also learned that scheduling time for many people to work on the project at a single time is very challenging.


2015 - 2016

Marcus Blaisdell, BS Computer Science (Team Leader)
Vitaliy Kubay, BS Mechanical Engineering
Conner Cole, BS Mechanical Engineering
Kily Nhan

2014 - 2015

Marcus Blaisdell, BS Computer Science (Team Leader)
Maxwell Carson, BS Electrical Engineering
Conner Duffy, BS Computer Engineering
Kirill Baromenski, BS Bio-Engineering

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