Projects Updates: BEER PONG

by Gabriel de la Cruz

The two teams started planning and designing early in the semester on what types of pong launcher to build. Using SolidWorks, ME students Christian Ziruk (Team 1) and Jessie Bryant (Team B) build CAD designs for the pong launchers. Both teams came up with pretty similar approaches of using spinning motors that is similar to a tennis ball launcher. What differs is Team 1, will use only one motor while Team B will use two. The videos below will show a prototype of Team B’s pong launcher.

While the ME’s were busy working on the design, the CS members worked on how to interface with an XBox controller which will be used to control our robot in the 1st Phase of this project. Then they proceeded on learning how to serially communicate with a microcontroller using Python. Additionally, the CS team had some discussions on how to frame vision processing for the robot’s autonomy once we get everything working. This includes how to detect the ping pong ball especially when it bounces.

The EE’s and CpE’s at their end, worked closely with the ME’s to come up with a list of electrical and mechanical parts that will be used to build the robot. However, in order to minimize the shipping cost, we had to ensure both teams has a complete parts list, which has costs us some valuable work time.

We also had to write a proposal for this project to secure a sponsorship for financial support from WSU IEEE Student Chapter which we successfully were granted, and we thank the organization for their benevolence.

Time wasn’t really in our side this semester as most of us were also co-organizers and volunteers for the 1st Hardware Hackathon. And a lot of our members are also members of the Palouse RoboSub Club.

However, on a positive note, we have ordered and received all the parts we need to build the pong launcher. This will allow our EE’s to start building the circuits and programming the microcontrollers on our first Robotics Club meeting next semester. While the CS members will have to wait for the ME’s and EE’s to get the structure built, the CS members will continue pursuing early next semester on solving the vision problems in order for our robot to be autonomous. We will also help the EE’s in coding the microcontrollers.

Below are videos of Team B’s pong launcher prototype. A shout out to our mechanical engineering members: Jessie Bryant and Vitaliy Kubay for working on their spare times  in order to build a physical prototype before our last Robotics Club meeting. And we also would like to thank the Frank Innovation Zone for allowing us to use their equipments to build the frames for the launcher.

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