Project Updates: Robotic Arm

By: Marcus Blaisdell

This semester, our objectives were to transfer the existing vision system from Python to C++. Vitaly has ported the majority of the OpenCV code to C++ and we can use it to detect different contrasts. We have purchased a Kinect camera and modified it to use standard USB and have it running on a PC. Marcus has learned how to write C++ code to write to the serial port to get the C++ programs to control the Arduino microsontroller that is controlling the arm. We are going to focus on getting C++ OpenCV to recognize shapes and then improve that to recognize chess pieces.

The featured image is a selfie taken from the functioning Kinect of Marcus, Conner, and Kily (from left to right).


Marcus soldering Kinect wires.


Kily cutting and connecting Kinect wires as we modify the Kinect to use standard USB to connect to a PC/Mac.

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