Robotics Workshop for Girl Scouts

According to the National Girls Collaborative Project, statistics shows that in 2014, while women takes 41% of the total U.S. Workforce — there are only 25% in the computer and mathematical sciences while only 13% are in engineering. Thus the club wants to reach out to such community to educate and empower, especially young girls as they represent the future for the STEM field.

The Robotics Club organized a Robotics Workshop together with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho that was well attended with 41 girl scouts. The club used the Robotics Workshop as a tool to show these young ladies what they can build or make even at a very young age. The workshop provided hands-on tutorials on building simple circuits, building a basic DC motor, and build Lego robots. They also got to experience flying quadrotors and had a tour WSU’s Frank Innovation Zone where they got to see different types of 3D printers in action.

Although the club spearheaded the planning and organization of this event, we also hadĀ volunteers from the Society of Women Engineers and Robosub of the Palouse.


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