Resume Building: From the Industry’s Perspective

by Gabriel de la Cruz

The club have seen the importance of inviting someone from the industry to talk about resume from their perspective. Also, with members who are vastly engineering or computer science students, a lot of the officers have met questions from fellow students on what they should put down as their technical skills or how one should cite the programming languages they know and how they should rate each. Having a speaker from the industry will not only help us answer these questions but will also be able to provide reasons to why they want to see them on the resume. The industry’s perspective is most valuable as they are the one who will be perusing the student’s submitted resumes and will make the decision based on the resume to whether you are getting to the next step of the hiring process.

Robotics Club, through its vice-president, Marcus Blaisdell, a CS student who is also doing internship at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), invited a speaker from SEL to give the members of the club a talk about resume.


Curt Geertgens, a SEL Development Support Manager, gave a talk on “The Perfect Resume: for Engineering Students.” The speaker was very pleased and even gave a complement for having a huge attendance, with over 50+ students during the talk. Members were engaged throughout the talk and had lots of questions during and after the talk.

Also present in the talk where Dr. Swensen and Dr. Janeth who helped examine the resumes brought by some members.

Click here to download slides of the talk.


Biggest Robotics Club in PNW?!?!

Robotics Club hold its first meeting of the Fall on September 3rd at the Intelligent Robot Learning Laboratory (IRL Lab). It was a well-attended meeting with over 60 students. The meeting was hosted by the club’s president, Austin Bonnes, who is a Mechanical Engineering student. The rest of the club officers were also present in the meeting. The meeting started with an opening from the president, who talked about what the club is about, what it offers, and what it expects from its members. Kayl Coulston, a CS student and the club’s Community Outreach officer shortly talked about the club’s past community outreach programs and the plans for this year. Gabriel de la Cruz, a CS graduate student then talked about the tutorials the club are planning to do this semester.


Dr. Swensen (on red shirt) speaking to the club.

The club also introduce the newest addition to its advisory board, our club’s new co-adviser Dr. John Swensen, who is a new professor at the ME Department. Also present is Dr. Kshitij Jerath, who is also a new professor in the ME Department who will help mentor the club.

The president went on to talked about the different projects planned this year which includes: Mars Rover, Robotic Arm, Battlebot, Medical Robot, and Beer Pong Robot. The team leaders for each project were given the opportunity to pitch to the club’s new members about their respective project and why they should join their team. New members were then given the opportunity to go around to meet with each team project to allow them to select and join a project(s) they were interested in.

The club would like to thank the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science for providing beverages for the event.


Successful Fall Recruiting Events

Robotics Club has been very active in its effort to recruit new members to join the club this Fall semester. At the same time, as part of our mission, we are also making an effort to increase awareness about robotics in the WSU community. Listed below are the different events the club participated at:

Also throughout the first and second week of classes, officers have selected a few number of EECS and ME classes in which they will speak about the club.

IMG_1810 IMG_1814 IMG_1819 IMG_1827