An Exciting New Feature for the Club

An Exciting New Feature for the Club

The Robotics Club is proud to announce an exciting new feature in the IRL Lab (Intelligent Robotics Learning Laboratory). We often are so engrossed in our projects that we forget to take a step back to photograph or record what we are doing. It would be perfect if there was a way to automatically record our work so that we can share with others the progress of our projects and the processes required to make our robots come to life. We needed some sort of camera to capture all the detail, and our club obtained one HD security camera from 123 Security Cameras.

While testing our IP 2 Megapixel Dome Camera, we found it ideal for our purposes because its high-definition imagery can help us properly identify faces. The quality of video produced by the camera will also result in great footage of the cool things we do here that we can share with those on campus and around the world!


IP 2 Megapixel Dome Camera

After testing our first camera and learning more about the technology it was only a matter of hours that we realized how useful these IP cameras can be for us. Having even more resolution than 1080P would be beneficial as we have small tools and parts that sometimes find a way to walk away. Sometimes we find that our tools have been misused, which can result in permanent damage. Of course this damage is not intentional, but we find it difficult to make responsible persons aware of proper procedures. So we did our research and found these IP cameras up to 5 megapixels from CCTV Camera World that we will be using to help maintain our equipment. 5 Megapixel cameras are able to provide even higher resolution video that affords the ability to zoom in and recognize small detail better than 1080p cameras. Now we can help ensure that our equipment and tools remain useful for years to come. In addition, it will help us track down tools that have been borrowed, but forgotten to be returned.

We also discovered that these security cameras were also great for uses other than security. They have built-in web servers that can provide video over a RTSP stream which can be injected in to virtually any application. We plan to use one of the cameras with Open Broadcaster Software for live streaming our club meetings and work nights.