Ice Cream Social!

Ice Cream Social is an opportunity for the different student groups under Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture to promote and recruit new members. Students gets to enjoy free ice cream courtesy of the college, and each club offers their own ice cream toppings.

The main purpose of the event is to provide students a one-stop destination where they can meet the different clubs in the college. It is also a great time to socialize and network with your college professors outside your classroom.

During the event, the Robotics Club continuous to attract more students from different engineering majors. Such diversity is something that makes our club stand out. The collaboration from different student majors will greatly help us when we start planning for new projects as each major brings a unique perspective.

We thank everyone who came and had shown interest to the club and we hope to see everyone during our first club meeting next week.

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First Club Meeting

We are inviting everyone to join us!

Robotics Club Meeting
September 4th, Thursday
5:30pm to 7:00pm
Dana Hall 3, Intelligent Robot Learning Laboratory

This will be a good opportunity to meet the old and new members of the club. We will go through the details of what projects we’ve done last year, projects we want to work on this year and if anyone wants to pitch in new projects, this is also a great time to do so. We will add more details later.

We are very excited for this year and we hope to see everyone.

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Robotics Club joins the All Campus Picnic

The Robotics Club joined the All Campus Picnic during the Washington State University's Week of Welcome. The club took the opportunity to promote and recruit incoming freshmen and transfer students to join the club. The event was a great success as we were able to reach out not just to students, but as well as to university staff, parents, and kids. Also, we were able to network outside the university with an invitation to demo for the cub scouts and a class in a local grade school.

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