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A Successful 1st Club Meeting

As the club enters its second year, we are very thankful for the 70+ students who attended the 1st Robotics Club Meeting. A special shoutout to our members from last year who were present tonight, and continue to be loyal members of the club. The club is also very thankful to our adviser, Dr. Matthew Taylor, who was present tonight, and continue to give us good guidance and strong support.

The meeting started with the introduction of its officers and adviser. The club then proceeded in enumerating the 3 big goals for this school year. Firstly, the club wanted to reach out to its local community especially to the youth of Pullman, to get them interested not only in robotics but also the engineering field. Secondly, the club wants to start a Robotics Week in WSU in conjunction with the annual National Robotics Week to promote robotics in the university. Lastly, the club intends to join robotics competitions to increase our presence outside of WSU that will provide our members the opportunity to network with other students in other universities, and more importantly, for our members to be recognized by the industry on their projects.

The competitions that the club is interested in participating are the University Rover Challenge (led by Kyle Florek), and Robothon which include several competitions: Combat Robots (led by Miranda Hansen), Line Following, Line Maze, and 3kg Sumo. Although the club promoted these competitions, the club remains open for other competitions.

Besides joining competitions, we also have existing projects from last year, like the Hexapod Team (led by Gabe Nelson) and Robotic Arm Team (led by Maxwell Carson), that will continue to iterate on their work as they now progress in using more advanced electronics and better materials.

In next week's meeting, we will be giving our first tutorial on Introduction to micro controllers (Installation of IDE, how to program, hardware interface, and some simple sketches). More information will be sent out through this website and in our Facebook group.

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Robotics Club joins the All Campus Picnic

The Robotics Club joined the All Campus Picnic during the Washington State University's Week of Welcome. The club took the opportunity to promote and recruit incoming freshmen and transfer students to join the club. The event was a great success as we were able to reach out not just to students, but as well as to university staff, parents, and kids. Also, we were able to network outside the university with an invitation to demo for the cub scouts and a class in a local grade school.

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